April 5, 2019

Cool things to do in Aberdeen during the 2019 Nuart Festival

Now in it’s third year the Nuart Festival is returning to Aberdeen. Featuring some of the World’s best street artists. It’s also known for its talks, debates, films and lectures. Taking place at the Belmont Filmhouse and at spots around the town. The Nuart Plus programme is what really sets the whole show apart. Not just the paintings on the street. It’s as much about being able to explore the whole street art phenomenon. Writers, curators, film makers and researchers joining the artists to add that extra dimension of insight. Much of the Nuart Plus programme will take place at the Belmont Filmhouse There’s loads to see and you can see the whole list here. It’s free too so what’s not to like about that. There’s a lot going on though. So with that in mind we chose what our top things would be to see whilst at the festival. […]