April 3, 2019

How to Set Up an After School Art Program

As art educators, we all stay extremely busy; writing lesson plans, prepping and organizing, teaching, mentoring, exhibiting student work, advocating for art education and then waking up to do it all over again. And I don’t know many art educators who don’t love every bit of this wonderful, busy lifestyle. Several years ago, after my own children moved off to college, I started to question whether I could keep this excitement going and considered how to take my passion for teaching kids through the visual arts into an after-school experience. Here are 6 ways you can turn this dream into a reality. 1. Determine the need. It’s imperative to do your homework before embarking on this adventure. As a first step, ask your community if there is a need for after-school art classes. Often, although the arts are valued, students are spending far less time in art class than people […]
April 4, 2019

The Most Fun Way to Keep Visitors Engaged at Your Art Show

Art show season is one of the best (and busiest) times of the year. Art shows are all about showing your district, community, and families the amazing artwork your artists have created all year. You’ve spent hours meticulously collecting, mounting, and hanging hundreds of pieces of student art. It’s time to shine. When the art show comes around, you see a student and their family walk in the door, make a beeline for their artwork, snap a pic, and promptly cruise back out. Does this experience sound familiar? It can be pretty frustrating. So, how can you make someone stop and look at the artwork? And maybe not just their artwork, but all of the artwork your students have worked so hard on? An art show scavenger hunt is the perfect trick to encourage your artists and families to appreciate and interact with every art exhibit. It can be especially […]
April 5, 2019

A Mini Lesson with Grand Rewards

I love engaging in service-learning art activities with my students. Years ago I coined the teaching philosophy, “Art with Purpose.” It’s been fun to see where teachers go with this concept. Working it into my curriculum has helped create exciting lessons that go beyond the typical standards. Let’s take a look at one small service-learning project with huge results: The Mini Art Exhibit and Auction. Here’s how it works. 1. Introduce students to the world of miniature art. Check out this awesome book to get you started: Think Small: The Tiniest Art in the World, by Eva Katz. This book describes the work of twenty-four artists who work on an incredibly small scale. Here are four artists I love to share with my students as we begin our lesson. Hasan Kale paints on small surfaces with an astounding intensity. Talk about an engaging artist to teach to your students! Rosa de […]
April 8, 2019

What to Look For in a Quality Online Graduate Program

Earning your master’s degree is a big decision and rightfully so! You are committing to a sizable investment of hard earned money and precious time. But not all online graduate programs are equal. There are several key components to take into consideration when choosing the right program for you. Some, like price, might seem obvious, but there are other important pieces of the program that deserve attention, too. To help you compare programs as you search for the right fit, we have included a downloadable chart with key components, questions to ask as you research, and blank spaces to record notes. Consider this your first graduate level assignment! Download Now! Faculty and Staff Questions to ask: Who is on staff? Who develops and teaches the courses? What student supports are available? Faculty and staff can make or break any program. As you compare, be sure to look at credentials for […]