March 28, 2019


Amsterdam, Netherlands. Last months I’ve been investigating on my abstract line of work and different color palettes, as a result of different tests and experiments, I created a complete new series of big paintings with an organic Hard Edge style, more minimal than my usual abstract paintings, where the color has an important role and visual impact. Also during this research I worked on a new limited edition print, that is a step from my old abstract paintings and the ones to come. I develop an harmony language of color inspired in patterns and nature from different places and cultures, generating a visual impact, trying to give to the viewer a different vision of the space and creating in him a sort of connection with other places. Now available on my online store: CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO OR PURCHASE “BIO CHROMATISM 1” Size: 70×100 cm / 26,5×39,3 inches Limited […]
April 5, 2019
A Mini Lesson with Grand Rewards

A Mini Lesson with Grand Rewards

I love engaging in service-learning art activities with my students. Years ago I coined the teaching philosophy, “Art with Purpose.” It’s been fun to see where teachers go with this concept. Working it into my curriculum has helped create exciting lessons that go beyond the typical standards. Let’s take a look at one small service-learning project with huge results: The Mini Art Exhibit and Auction. Here’s how it works. 1. Introduce students to the world of miniature art. Check out this awesome book to get you started: Think Small: The Tiniest Art in the World, by Eva Katz. This book describes the work of twenty-four artists who work on an incredibly small scale. Here are four artists I love to share with my students as we begin our lesson. Hasan Kale paints on small surfaces with an astounding intensity. Talk about an engaging artist to teach to your students! Rosa de […]