February 9, 2019

Color Story | A Stroke of Midnight Blue

Antoninapotapenko / Getty Images He wrote that he enjoys painting en plein air at night because, it’s the only method of getting away in the conventional black night with a bad, pallid and whitish light…” BLUE JEAN BABY Post by McKenzie Graham. COMPLETE CONFIDENCE IN COLOR Cafe Terrace at Night was the first of Vincent van Gogh’s paintings to incorporate a starry sky, distinctly painted in blue. In a letter to his sister, he also expressed his excitement: The gables of the houses on a road that leads away beneath the blue sky studded with stars are dark blue or violet, with a tree. Now there’s a painting of night without black.” MULTIFACETED BLUE Discover two courses for complete confidence in color and colour mixing. A Master Your Palette class that will have you mixing colors like you’re born doing it and also the Principles of Color Mixing — both […]
February 9, 2019

8 Artistic Styles of Henri Matisse

If one is looking for creative inspiration, then one need look no further than the artistic output of Henri Matisse, among modern art’s greats. He lived to be 84 and it would not be far-fetched to say he spent just as much of the 80 plus years steeped in art and creative making as he could. Let us delve into eight of the prolific artist’s fashions, loosely linked to eras of time, to find the full reach of his extensive artwork. Love Matisse? Be sure to check out Intuitive Art: Painting such as Matisse DVD or Video Download to put your appreciation for this modern master in to beautiful, emotive practice! Tips and techniques galore as you are guided through his unique approach! Matisse’s work in the The early works show Matisse was inspired by many — Van Gogh, Gauguin, Cezanne and Rodin — though when there was one painter […]
February 10, 2019

View, React, Interpret with Artist Thomas Schaller

I love to draw a symptom of the general shapes of my topic in my painting surface–without becoming too detailed. When a drawing is done right, it will join beautifully with the following watercolor washes, showing the initial idea of the artist come into life. SURFACE: Fabriano Artistico additional white 140-lb. Materials When modifications to what we see need to be created to create a painting that is better, by all means, we are free to create them. While we might begin with a strategy for our closing work, permitting that program evolve or change entirely is critical. Oftentimes, it’s the mistakes”–what we do not plan–which may be the very making of our job. Don’t forget to enjoy the process–unwind, just breathe, allow it to occur. Thomas Schaller shows the way to proceed beyond what the eye actually sees to introduce a unique vision. STEP 3 STEP 4 STEP 2 […]
February 12, 2019

What Makes Jean Haines Tick? A Watercolor Artist Q&A

In Wait by Jean Haines, watercolor Cheeky by Jean Haines, watercolor Many funny things happen on them and I know if I wrote a book I could wind up with it being a much adored laugh a minute” book. But which narrative to opt to share? Perhaps I should only write the book! Luckily I moved to Asia and functioned with a Shanghainese mentor who had used a pencil. I’ve not ever looked back. I have grown and trust I’m still climbing. I do love teaching. I feel very humbled that I am fortunate enough to be invited all over the world by fantastic artwork societies or artwork centers who wish to host my classes. I lost the will to both live and paint and decided that maybe I did not want to be an artist after all. That is until I found painting how I do now and wow, […]