March 30, 2019

Giles Walker talks about ‘Monster’ his biggest ever Animatronic Exhibition

“The plan was to ram through the Berlin Wall” says Giles. Known for his animatronic sculptures, he is a long standing member of the Mutoid Waste Company. A collective of former squatters who in the 80’s would find and create things out of scrap metal. Inspired by the circumstances of history. They set off on a road trip with aspirational dreams to bring down the wall. The weapon of choice, an artistic battering ram made out of scrap metal. As it happens it wasn’t needed. The resulting sculpture, created under the cover of a big party, just ended up peering menacingly over. Four weeks later the wall came down. It is for others to speculate as to whether the presence of the giant mutoid creature and the fall of the wall were indeed linked. Giles Walker at his studio in Loughborough Junction MONSTER His latest exhibition is his biggest. Called […]