March 28, 2019

9 Amazing Artists to Inspire Nature-Related Art Projects

This time of year, the weather begins to start warming up, and many of our students are eager to get outdoors. It’s the perfect time to go outside and make nature-inspired art. Students can find natural items and create art with them or sketch en plein air. If you have the technology, photographing outside would be a fun choice as well. Here are 9 amazing artists to inspire your students about nature art. 1. Katerina Apale image via Katerina Apale paints still lifes and other works inspired by nature. Her work is colorful and playful. She has a beautiful technique when it comes to blending her colors and has shared that she wants her work to be seen as positive and bright. Her work would be useful to inspire students to work in full color and explore painting techniques with a nature theme. Website: 2. Miranda Lloyd image […]