April 4, 2019

The Most Fun Way to Keep Visitors Engaged at Your Art Show

Art show season is one of the best (and busiest) times of the year. Art shows are all about showing your district, community, and families the amazing artwork your artists have created all year. You’ve spent hours meticulously collecting, mounting, and hanging hundreds of pieces of student art. It’s time to shine. When the art show comes around, you see a student and their family walk in the door, make a beeline for their artwork, snap a pic, and promptly cruise back out. Does this experience sound familiar? It can be pretty frustrating. So, how can you make someone stop and look at the artwork? And maybe not just their artwork, but all of the artwork your students have worked so hard on? An art show scavenger hunt is the perfect trick to encourage your artists and families to appreciate and interact with every art exhibit. It can be especially […]
April 17, 2019

How to Create Glowing Black Light Art

It’s in my nature to try and put a positive spin on any situation. So when I switched schools and found myself in a classroom with no natural light, I was determined to find an upside. After learning about glowing art galleries at my state’s fall art conference, I knew I found my answer. I had discovered black light art, and I was obsessed. Here’s how to get started with black light art in your room! When I first started looking into black light art, I had a million questions. Do I have to use glow in the dark paint? What kind of special oil pastels do I use? How much is this all going to cost? How does it actually work? Is it…”magic”? Lean in for the secret… All you need are black lights and neon artmaking tools. That’s it! Draw with neon oil pastels or splatter paint with […]